A note from our center…

As you are aware, Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center and Training and Performance Center (TPC) have suspended operations per the state mandated “Stay at Home” order.  We are ready to offer support and guidance over the next several weeks by offering:

  • At Home Workouts
  • Group Fitness Instruction through Mossa Move
  • Communication with our team through My Wellness App
  • Information on how to reduce your overall stress

At Home Workouts

We will be posting video and printable workouts.  Please check back as they will be updated throughout the week.

Video Workout #9: Resistance Band Workout

(Click on image to play)

(Find links to our past video workouts on our You Tube Channel and our Facebook Page)

Printable Workout #4: Beginner

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Printable Workout #4: Intermediate

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Printable Workout #4: Advanced

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Mossa Move 

Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center members can get a FREE 14-Day trial of Mossa Move by clicking HERE.

With Mossa Move (perfect for our Group Fitness participants!), you can work out from the comfort of your own home – on your TV, on your computer, or download the app and take your workouts wherever you go. This program gives you the highest quality workouts anytime, anywhere.

Each workout (including cardio, strength and dance) is designed with options and modifications so you can choose the intensity and challenge that is right for you. Try every workout you want and select your favorites to create your own personalized fitness playlist.

(For more info about the program, you can visit www.mossamove.net – however you MUST use the link above to receive the free trial. It will ask for a credit card, but you will not be charged and will be reminded when your trial is coming to an end.)


My Wellness App

Additionally, with the use of the My Wellness App, you are encouraged to connect with your coach to get an individualized at home workout and continued motivation.

If you have not had an assessment or used have not used the My Wellness key or app, please check out this instructional video from Fitness Coach Blake.  You can email Blake at bheinz@iwp-llc.com to start the process or with any other questions about the My Wellness App.

Stress Break

This has been an extremely stressful time for the nation and the term unprecedented doesn’t sufficiently explain the situation. Your wellness including stress relief is more important than ever. Here are a few suggestions on how to take a stress break:

– Read a book
– Deep breathing for 10 minutes (there are a number of apps available in for both Android and iOS devices)
– Gratitude journal
– Start a stretching routine