Lifestyle Management Conscious Connected Breathwork 4-Week Special Session at Carle Health & Fitness Center

4-Week session: June 6th – June 27th – Tuesdays from 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Led by This Little Light Breathwork — Amy L. Filter MSN, RN

How often do we truly stop and notice our breath? For some of us, never, right? Others, maybe on occasion. Did you know that how we breathe has a great impact on both our physical and mental well-being? From a global perspective, we are seeking to go back to our roots, which is why breathwork is one of the fastest-growing holistic modalities that currently exists!

Conscious Connected Breathwork provides an opportunity for you to do so over the course of about 60 minutes, where you are guided by a trauma-informed facilitator. Each session is curated to music, where you are guided to learn various continual breath patterns. This process of continued breathing creates changes within our bodies over a certain amount of time that assists you in literally shifting your own nervous system!

These shifts create both physical and mental positive outcomes, some of which include, a shifting of your mood, releasing stored emotions, increased clarity, improved sleep, boosted immunity, and a deep overall sense of relaxation.

Conscious Connected Breathwork truly provides you the power to change from within, via your own breath! All you simply do is come with an agenda-less mindset, dress comfy, and observe what is brought forth for YOU! Ideally, you come to a session being hydrated and not on a full stomach.

Stop by or call member services at 309-433-9355 to register today.

4-week session: $99/members; $109 non-members


Your breath ultimately controls your body. Learn how to create various shifts depending on how you are feeling in your body. Then we can explore how to slow down or speed up with the breath.

Go Within

Learn how to create awareness within our body compared to the known outside focus.

Less is More

We’ll focus on how to have less worry, overwhelming thoughts and reduce anxiety and stress. 

Move and Strengthen through the Vagus Nerve

Learn how to create space with the breath and improve vagal tone.