Strength and Conditioning Key to Wellness

February Key to Wellness: Flexibility & Mobility

It’s time to get flexible in the month of February!

Our February Key to Wellness is centered around one of the most imperative parts of every training session, flexibility and mobility! Flexibility and mobility are very different, but when paired with exercise, improve quality of life and decrease overall pain. Flexibility is the ability to passively move a muscle or muscle group through full range of motion, whereas mobility is the ability to move a joint through full range of motion. Flexibility and mobility training decreases the risk of injuries, speeds up recovery time, increases circulation and allows for pain-free day-to-day movement.

Our program is broken up into two levels. Level 1 is comprised of chair-based exercises that pairs well with any warmup or cool down and Level 2 is for anyone that wants to put their flexibility and mobility to the test! If you are interested in purchasing our full flexibility and mobility program, stop by the member service desk!


$10 for program loaded on key

$40 for program and a Personal Training session with Coach Alli or Coach Adam

Program length: 30 minutes

**Visit the Member Service Desk to Purchase