Medical Programs MOVE MS: Functional Exercise

MOVE MS is a weekly group exercise class for individuals with multiple sclerosis. Our 8-week modules take place in person on Mondays from 4-5 pm and feature three different exercise modalities: Tai Chi, Yoga, and Functional Exercise. 

Group exercise sessions are led by trained individuals who work with MS populations. The cost of the program is $70 for members and $99 for non-members per 8-week module. 

Upcoming Session info:

Module 2 will be Functional Exercise with Coach Alaina from July 10th – August 28th in the CHFC Conference Room.  Functional Exercise uses aerobic, strength, balance/coordination, and flexibility work. All exercises are programmed to be done in a seated position with modifications for standing. 

To register, contact our member service team at 309-433-9355. For more information, contact our Fitness Manager, Lindsey Kren, at