Notice for LIVE Streaming Group Classes:
Thank you for being part of our tight-knit community of group exercisers. As a Center, we strive to deliver an outstanding member experience each time you participate within group classes.

Over the last 4 years we have offered live streaming Zoom classes. This was a precautionary measure taken for personal safety during uncertain times during the pandemic. As of April 1st, we are no longer providing LIVE Streaming for our Group Exercise classes. We will, however, still provide access to a Library full of prerecorded classes within our MyWellness app.

Thank you for being a member, and we look forward to a great 2024 filled with a variety of group class offerings!

On-Demand Workouts

  • Recent workouts from CHFC instructors are available on the MyWellness App. Need help with the MyWellness App? Email Makenna at
  • The MyWellness App also features hundreds of On Demand Workouts in additional formats like Kickboxing, Maternity, Strength and more
  • Looking for additional MOSSA workouts?  Due to licensing, Mossa workouts cannot be recorded, however, CHFC members can sign up for the MOSSA app and get all of the great MOSSA formats for only $9.99 per month along with a 14-Day FREE trial for new MOSSA members by using THIS LINK.