By partnering with one of our certified health coaches, you will be inspired and challenged to go beyond what you would do alone. Our certified health coaches are professionally trained to help you reach your best health and wellbeing.

You will discuss mental and physical health together and set realistic goals that will lay the foundation for success.

Health Coaching Services

  • Consultation
  • Private + Semi-Private Sessions
  • Quick Start Program

What’s different between a Fitness Coach & a Health Coach?

A Fitness Coach provides exercise for your body. A Health Coach provides exercise for your brain. Whether you want to lose weight, lower stress levels or increase your accountability on your wellness journey, a Health Coach helps you navigate through creating effective steps to meet your individualized goals and partners with you to provide inspiration and motivation for change.


To schedule a health coaching appointment, please call 309-433-9355. Please note that payment is due at time of scheduling. Gift Certificates Available!