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Discover true wellness of mind, body and soul with unlimited group exercise classes. From Pilates to boot camp, our classes fit every age and fitness level, including seniors and children. All base-level land and aquatic group exercises are included with your membership.

Group Fitness Classes


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Our wellness experts have created programming for the whole family! Children can participate in a variety of programs and activities while parents are taking group exercise classes, using our state-of-the-art equipment, or visiting with our wellness professionals, like our Massage Therapists and Registered Dietitian.

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  • Weekly Dietitian Tip: Thanksgiving Tips

    Thanksgiving tips: If you celebrate Thanksgiving, consider these tips to keep the holiday a healthy one!   Eat breakfast. As a Dietitian I don’t recommend not eating until the big meal to “save all your calories”. Typically, not eating all day leads to overeating later, and consuming more total calories than you would have had by […]

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  • Trainer Tip Tuesday: Cold Weather Considerations for Physical Activity

    Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean we need to stop exercising outside. When participating in physical activity in the cold, avoid skin contact with the environment, wear the appropriate layers, and stay hydrated. Avoid Frostbite and Hypothermia For starters, it is not recommended to exercise at temperatures below 0° F or at temperatures […]

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  • Weekly Dietitian Tip: Simple, sweet, and satisfying breakfast recipe

    There is a lot of confusion as to what’s the best way to make your morning oatmeal. Are the instant packets really healthy? Which one should I choose? Do I need to start the night before with overnight oats? While instant packets can be a perfectly fine choice, they do tend to be a little […]

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