Worksite wellness connects the dots between wellness and medicine.

Several initiatives, such as focusing on preventative health services and wellness visits, have contributed to improved patient outcomes and cost savings. With a holistic approach to health care, we focus on the whole person and give patients the tools they need for a healthier life.

Healthy Employees Benefit Your Business

Change the Health Habits of your employees.

With health care costs continuing to rise, companies are looking for solutions to relieve the financial burden for both themselves and their employees.  As a result, many companies are looking to provide wellness programs as way to not only lower their healthcare expenditure but also to increase employee engagement, decrease absenteeism and increase productivity.


Make your organization more successful by taking a proactive approach to your employees’ health and wellness.

Engaged, healthy employees are your company’s greatest asset. Worksite Wellness is designed to support your workplace medical and wellness needs while helping you manage your bottom line.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Improve Employee Retention

Increase Productivity

Improve Health and Well-being

Program Features

“The Worksite Wellness team has been a great fit for our diverse workforce. After rethinking our employee wellness strategy, we decided to move to a one-vendor approach for screenings, health risk assessments, wellness challenges, coaching, education, and an online portal. After a smooth implementation, we quickly saw an increase in engagement across all programs. The Worksite Wellness team is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. They truly are partners who provide customization, support, and structure for a comprehensive wellness program.” Tina S., Benefits Analyst

  • Biometric Screenings
  • Online Health Risk Appraisals
  • Interactive Online Wellness Portal
  • Inperson and Online Health Coaching
  • Medical and Wellness Based Programming


  • Corporate Membership Program
  • Online Challenges and Incentive Programs
  • Strategic Long Term Planning
  • Comprehensive Program Administration
  • Monthly Outcome Reporting