Barb Rakstad

I joined Carle Health & Fitness Center when it first opened due to my growing dissatisfaction at another gym. Here I have found a welcoming atmosphere and excellent coaching on my fitness journey. As a type 2 diabetic, I find it important to control both my physical and mental health.

I am most proud of my weight loss – I am down more than 80 pounds from what I weighed 12 years ago. This weight loss has made controlling my diabetes much easier. The weight loss was partly due to medication and partly due to my working out. I look and feel so much better now.

I haven’t experienced any real challenges with my wellness journey. I knew that I didn’t gain weight overnight, and that I wouldn’t lose it overnight either.

I have been impressed with Carle Health & Fitness Center from the first time I walked through their doors. The staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable about fitness, and the equipment is state-of-the-art. The facility is very clean and well kept, and offers so many different options for exercise, including classes, pools, walking track, and so forth.

I am very motivated to continue my wellness journey, as I consider my workouts are part of my treatment plan for my diabetes. It is also a very important social outlet for me, and I have made so many friends here.