Courtney Yoder

” I joined the Carle Health and Fitness Center during the soft opening in August of 2016. My current gym at that time was closing, and I was mainly looking for group fitness classes. One great perk of being a Carle employee is the discount. When you accumulate 50 visits, your next year is half price, and when you accumulate 100 visits in a year your next year is free. I have also enjoyed participating in many of the challenges throughout the year. They have great prizes ranging from t-shirts to massages.

My daughters love the children’s area. They come home with crafts, drawings, and paintings. My oldest has learned various card games, and they both enjoy socializing with the other kids at the gym. The teachers in the children’s area are interactive and have them doing activities such as yoga.

My absolute favorite thing about the gym is the group fitness classes. Working out in a group helps motivate me to push harder. I have made many connections with the people that attend regularly, and would definitely call them friends. We celebrate babies being born and each other’s birthdays. Going to group fitness always makes me smile. The classes contain cardio and full-body workouts that can be easily modified as needed. The atmosphere is friendly, and I always leave feeling like I had the best workout. If you can’t find me at the hospital, you will likely find me at the gym!”