John Juers

I joined the Center after I had a knee replacement. I completed physical therapy at McLean County Orthopedics and was eligible for the Orthopedic Transition program through the Fitness Center. Before my knee replacement, I was working out at home but I felt very comfortable here.  Once I joined the Fitness Center, I was partnered with a credentialed fitness coach who provided me with an individualized fitness program on a wellness key. Now I’m working on all different muscle groups with the program my coach gave me. I can see there is a difference. I’ve gained muscle and lost inches in my waist. I joined the Rock Steady Boxing Program after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and I wanted to get my balance back. It’s nice to be in a group like this where I can exercise and meet other people with Parkinson’s. I’ve noticed that I can walk better and have gained confidence. The facility is great.  At the Center, I’ve discovered a stronger version of myself.