Laura Wiley

Laura was struggling with getting in the right mindset and having the confidence that she needed to participate in physical activity. After joining the Center, she was partnered with Fitness Coaches Molly Smeltzer and Kristen Hammel, who prescribed exercise programs that were specifically tailored to Laura and designed so she could reach her personal goals. Through her hard work, determination and an increased level of confidence, Laura has made some big improvements.

“I can think, breathe, move and feel 100% better”, Laura exclaims! “I want to shout to the world that anyone can do this. I want to share my success and inspire others to better themselves and their lives. The fitness center has been a Godsend to me. I feel safe, welcome and supported. I feel accomplished, positive and on track here.”

Laura is down 120 pounds and feels like a whole new person. Laura’s improvements are also positively affecting her friends and family. “I have much more energy and laugh much harder.”

“My coach, Kristin, has been amazing. She always encourages me and gives the feedback I need to keep going.”

With an improved outlook on life, Laura is looking forward to the future. “I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. I’m hopeful for a fun future where one I thought there was none.”


In celebration of Laura losing over 100lbs, she received a complimentary makeover!  Thank you to our generous partners! 

Hair: Sherri Strandberg, Strand Studio

Makeup: Dafne Greene, Bobbi Brown