Rob Parent (Two-Year Update)

July 2021 marks two years since beginning my fitness journey. I’m pleased to report that I’ve successfully maintained my weight loss. The pandemic taught me to be more flexible. When things locked down and we could not work out at the facility, I shifted primarily to doing body weight workouts or cardio at home. With less strenuous workouts, I had to keep a closer eye on my calories to avoid putting weight back on.

As things started to open back up, I added Taekwondo to my routine. It was something I used to do many years ago but hadn’t been consistent in adulthood. I like that you can easily practice it at home too. The combination of exercise:  2-3 days a week at the facility, 2-3 days of Taekwondo, and walking or riding my exercise bike at home on the remaining days has kept things interesting and kept me motivated.

My overall strategies are largely the same as before. I still try to get some exercise every day. If I can’t do something for 30 minutes, I don’t beat myself up. I figure 20 or 10 minutes is better than nothing. I still track my calories via a free app, along with my protein intake. While it’s not for everyone, I primarily follow a vegan diet.

I am grateful for The Carle Health & Fitness Center for giving me the blueprint for success. I still follow the workout program Blake Heinz mapped out for me. The facility is fantastic and clean. I’ve never left a workout feeling worse or more stressed than when I arrived. This combination of diet and exercise is working for me, so my plan is to stick with it!

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