Chad Anderson

Let’s face it, everyone who has ever entered a gym goes in with several goals they want to achieve and most of us have failed to reach those goals. After several years going to “Global” gyms with middling results I decided to try out the Center. The first thing I noticed was the trainers were active on the fitness floor instead of sitting at a desk or hiding in the office. They also offer great advice and alternate exercises. Second thing I noticed was the gym was not intimidating like other places in town.

I personally enjoy weight training but struggle to find the same joy in cardio exercises (I despise the treadmill). So, I decided start slow by adding 15 minutes of walking the track after my workout and gradually increased the time in the coming weeks. Then I started to branch out into to other cardio exercises like pushing the sled and I eventually found a support group of regulars and we started to attend spin classes together. It didn’t take long to start seeing the results and reach the goals I wanted to attain by joining a gym. I have been a member for nearly a year and I am down about 30 pounds and my strength actually increased while losing the weight. I can’t wait to continue this journey.