Deb Wylie

This January, I am celebrating a significant milestone in my overall journey to wellness.  I can honestly say now that I am a new member of the “100 Club.”  One hundred pounds gone!  What a difference that makes!  The Center has been a very important partner in that accomplishment. 

My first visit to the Center took several stops.  I stopped in the parking lot, stopped in the circle drive at the entry and stopped after coming through the front door, all those stops just to catch my breath.  Once inside the doors, I sat in a lobby chair for a few more minutes before approaching the front desk. I was embarrassed and wondering if I waited too long to make a difference in my health. 

I was welcomed by the staff and taken on a tour of the gym, its variety of equipment and those wonderful pools!!  I was beyond impressed! Equally as impressive were all the other folks working out. Folks of all ages, sizes, and abilities were busily going about focusing on their own workouts.  I felt like this could be a place where I could focus on the work I needed to do in an atmosphere of acceptance and safety. That initial impression has been confirmed to me over and over again since that very first day. 

My first health assessment at the center confirmed how far from wellness I had gotten. At 369 pounds, and a BMI in the 60’s, I needed to make some changes fast.  I knew working out would not be the only change I needed to make. With a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes, I began Weight Watchers as a dietary partner in changing my eating habits. Eating right along with exercise was the right combo for me. 

I chose Allie Ploense as my fitness coach. She had lost over 100 pounds and I hoped that she could be a fitness “Yoda” on my path. Allie has never failed to be a great motivator and instructor. I have built onto a simple workout that incorporated both land and water exercises.  What started as a 20-30 minute routine has tripled. Allie, her fellow trainers and staff, as well as other workout buddies (that’s you Shirley!) have become true fitness guru’s and friends to me. Their support and cheer have made going to the gym something I look forward to, a considerable change from my former sedentary lifestyle! 

Now, at 269 pounds, I am celebrating the loss of 100 pounds with renewed commitment to further weight loss and fitness in the journey ahead. While lower numbers on the scale are one measure, other signs of wellness are happening too.  I have more energy, period.  I am no longer winded walking short distances, and have much better stamina for all kinds of activities. I am completely off meds for Diabetes and have halved my hypertension meds. I have fewer X sizes in my wardrobe, making shopping for clothes much more fun. All of these signify real progress towards health and fitness.   

I am grateful for all those at the Center who’ve coached, encouraged and shared their expertise to make this milestone in my life possible!  I wish the best of success to everyone striving to make their health and fitness goals come true this brand-new year!