Sue Attwood

Sue Attwood had three distinct reasons for getting into better shape. The first was to be stronger and healthier to prevent injuries that had sent her to physical therapy multiple times; the second to avoid medications for high blood pressure; and the third was to fit the dress she had purchased for her daughter’s wedding. She admits it took some courage to stop by the Center the first time, but the genuine friendliness of the staff, trainers, and other members, plus the clean, new facility quickly made her feel comfortable inside the doors. For the first month, she simply walked around the indoor track, but decided she needed more instruction. “I got a personal trainer who worked around my limitations (due to previous injuries) and created an exercise regimen tailored specifically for me,” she says. “It was amazing,” she goes on to say. “The weight started to drop off, and it (exercising) became addictive. I feel good every day and can do simple things without feeling achy or worn out.” Sue lost 40 pounds in plenty of time for the wedding and wants to stay healthy. Her motivation now? “I want to go because I feel good!”