Catherine Porter Executive Director
Molly Smeltzer Director of Fitness and Wellness
T.J. Kuster Sports Performance Manager
Stacey Miller Member Service Manager
Blake Heinz Fitness Service Supervisor
Kelsey Clemons Member Service Lead
Kaylee Brown Registered Dietitian
Amanda McDonald ABC Lead
Allie Ploense Personal Trainer & Fitness Associate
Leslie Page Personal Trainer
Alexandra Ciranni Fitness Associate
JeJo Bontigao Fitness Associate & Rock Steady Boxing Coach
Jenna Souhrada Special Programs Coordinator
Zoë Calio Personal Trainer & Fitness Associate
Sean Klyber Personal Trainer & Fitness Associate
Falyn Schweitzer Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach
Shawn Winchester Sports Performance Coach
Tyler Ziemer Sports Performance Coach & Fitness Associate
Ken Allen Sports Performance Coach
Michael Zellar Sports Performance Coach & Fitness Associate
EmiLee Lindenbaum Wellness Coordinator
Brian Lapping Massage Therapist
Kenadi Fuller Massage Therapist
Steve Gould Maintenance Technician