Community Partnerships in Health

Research shows that individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities often die 25 years earlier than the general population.  These individuals often find it more difficult to eat healthily, control their weight and be physically active.  They also may not have access to appropriate, local medical services.

Therefore, the McLean County Board for Care and Treatment of Persons with a Developmental Disability (377 Board) and the McLean County Health Department in partnership with Carle Health & Fitness Center, Carle BroMenn Medical Center and the Carle Center for Philanthropy have developed an integrated, preventative health care project for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities in our community.

Participants in this program receive memberships to Carle Health & Fitness Center supported by grants and private donors. Highly credentialed fitness professionals develop an individualized fitness program for each participant based off of their needs.  The program participants also engage in group exercise classes and meet with a Registered Dietitian as part of a lifestyle modification program.

Since 2016, we have celebrated many positive outcomes of the program!

View YEAR 5 Outcomes.

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Your Donation will make a difference to those individuals with Developmental and/or Intellectual Disabilities in our community.

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