Member Spotlight: Andrew Bernstein

What aspects of your health & wellness have changed since joining Carle Health & Fitness Center?
Health Improved: strength, flexibility and endurance, and more energy.


What have been your biggest challenges?
Dealing with my leg limitations which require me to use a cane. Also, I have end-stage kidney disease, so improving and maintaining my strength, energy, and endurance.


What are your triumphs you’re most proud of?
Increasing the time I can do on the NuStep; ability to do greater reps on tricep, low row, chest press, bicep and leg process. Also, improved my ability to do sit-stands and push-ups. Since I walk with a cane, making these improvements have helped me significantly.


How has Carle Health & Fitness Center helped you accomplish these triumphs?
My trainer, Allie Ploense, has developed a phenomenal exercise program to build up my lower and upper body strength, energy, and endurance!


What do you look forward to about coming to Carle Health & Fitness Center?
Feeling better, maintaining and improving my functional career capacity. Working out improves my mental state and emotional well being.


Anything else you would like to add?
I’m really happy with Coach Allie and Carle Health & Fitness Center.