Trainer Tip Tuesday – Cardio Variations

Consider changing your cardio equipment, style, or timing for a boost to your stagnant workout program.

Changing Equipment

Take advantage of all the cardio equipment in the Center and use a new or different piece every week. This includes the track, TPC, and the large area by the TVs. You may just find a new one that you prefer to what you are currently doing.

Alter Training Style

You could also alter your training style on cardio equipment. As an example, if you walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes, increase the speed or incline every four minutes to create a mountain style. A second method is to increase for 2 minutes and then return to normal for 2 minutes. Alternatively, you can use your heart rate as a guide. Make sure you know what a good and regular heart rate is for you. You will start at a normal heart rate and then increase for a certain period of time, then lower it to normal until you are fully recovered and repeat.

Change Speed: Caloric-based Training

It is easier to do this on TPC’s performance cardio equipment, such as the Air Dyne bike or the Versa Climber. This method of training involves having a baseline speed and then burning a certain amount of calories as fast as possible. Upon reaching the goal, slow down to a normal pace for your recovery and repeat as many times as recommended.