Trainer Tip Tuesday: Kettlebell Deadlift

Tips for the kettlebell deadlift: 

  • It’s a safe exercise if you’re doing it correctly and is easier to learn than the barbell  
  • Don’t set up too far away from the weight. Try to line up the handle of the kettlebell with your shoelaces
  • Focus on driving your hips backward creating vertical shins (no knees pushing over toes) 
  • Having a strong, flat back
  • Visualize squeezing fruit in your armpit (lat engagement) 
  • You do not have to go all the way to the floor; find the range of motion that works best for you
  • Engage your core – brace your abdominal muscles like someone is going to punch you in the stomach
  • Stand tall at the finish 

Here Coach Adam demonstrates the proper form for the Kettlebell Deadlift.

In this video, Coach Adam shows the incorrect form for the Kettlebell Deadlift.