Weekly Dietitian Tip: Cultural Foods and Healthy Eating

Your favorite cultural foods can be part of a healthful eating plan!

Here are some ideas for a variety of healthy, cultural meals provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

  • Asian Indian Breakfast: Besan cheela (savory pancakes made with chickpea flour and vegetables) with extra tomatoes and spinach on the side, and a cooked egg.
  • Filipino Lunch: Tinola chicken (chicken soup with green papaya, leafy greens and ginger) with mashed cassava and a side of fresh fruit
  • Middle Eastern Dinner: Grilled chicken, koresh bademjan (eggplant and tomato stew), brown rice, pomegranate and yogurt

Use these handouts to try new cultural meals that have vitamins, minerals, fiber and other important nutrients:

Personalize Your Plate Tip Sheet_AsianIndian_NNM22_English
Personalize Your Plate Tip Sheet_Filipino_NNM22_English
Personalize Your Plate Tip Sheet_MiddleEastern_NNM22_English