From the Wellness Team: Wellness Wednesday Trainer Tip – How Can I Optimize Recovery?

Recovery is arguably the most important aspect to get the most out of each training session.

Going into a workout session without having adequate recovery puts yourself at an increased risk of injury and likely will decrease the effectiveness of your session.

Some basic ways to optimize recovery are

  • Getting adequate high quality sleep: 7-8 hours with few to no sleep disturbances.
  • Proper nutrition: Everyone has different goals and taste, but ensuring you are hitting your macronutrient goals with high quality non processed foods will ensure you get your micronutrients as well aiding in sleep quality and energy levels throughout the day.
  • Listening to your body: Sometimes less is more. If you are feeling run down, sore, and mood starts to become irritable, it is likely best to take a day off rather than put yourself through a strenuous workout.

Taking advantage of our spa services is also a great way to boost recovery. Our massage therapist can target the specific areas of the body that need it most, leaving you feeling brand new and ready to hit the next workout.

–Coach Blaise