From the Wellness Team: Wellness Wednesday Trainer Tip – Mobility vs. Flexibility

The Difference Between Mobility and Flexibility

You might have heard about mobility vs flexibility – but what do those really mean? Flexibility is the ability of your muscles to lengthen passively, while mobility is the ability of your joints to move actively through their range of motion. For increased flexibility, the best time to do static stretches is while your muscles are warm – right after your workout, after a warm shower, or after some time in the sauna. Include a standing hamstring stretch, a lateral neck stretch, or a seated glute stretch in your next workout! For increased mobility, you can do dynamic, low-impact exercises any time, however, using them to start your warmup is great. Including cat-cows, deep squats, or band around-the-worlds in your next workout can help increase your mobility!

–Coach Linnea