Local Physicians Discuss the Importance of Health and Fitness During COVID-19

As a medically-integrated health and fitness center, we are well-positioned to live life alongside coronavirus.  We continue to rely on local health experts to ensure that we are providing the safest, healthiest options for our members during this time.

Jeffrey Hoschek, M.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Hoschek is an Internist at Medical Hills Internists in Bloomington, IL and serves on the Carle Health & Fitness Center Medical Advisory Board.  As a Carle Health & Fitness Center member, Dr. Hoschek can attest first-hand to the commitment to health and safety provided by the center.  Learn more about why your commitment to an overall wellness and exercise plan are important during this time:

Thomas Murphy, DO CAQSM

Dr. Tom Murphy is part of the Carle Physician Group specializing in Primary Care Sports Medicine/Family Medicine.  He discusses the importance of health and fitness among all ages, including children during this time.

“The benefits of remaining physically active cannot be overstated for people of all age groups, and during these challenging times maintaining social interaction with necessary precautions is important for our mental health and well being.  As a local physician, I can attest to the fact that the Carle Health & Fitness Center and the Training and Performance Center know that a whole-person approach to our health is important for us all, including our children.  Despite some questions being raised, exercising while wearing a face covering is not dangerous, and when combined with good hygiene and appropriate distancing can create a workout environment that is safe for most people.  To this end, the Carle Health & Fitness Center and the Training and Performance Center have created multiple options to keep your children active and engaged to benefit their mental and physical health, while continuing to ensure their safety.
Thomas Murphy, DO CAQSM
Primary Care Sports Medicine/Family Medicine
Carle Physician Group