From the Wellness Team: Wellness Wednesday Trainer Tip – Muscle Soreness

How sore is too sore?

When it comes to lifting (or really, anything we do in our training) we get sore. Soreness and a good workout are not one in the same. So being excessively sore after every workout we do is not ideal, or necessary. But never being sore or not being sore at all is also not an ideal indicator of a solid workout. Our muscles will get sore especially when we do a new exercise, start a new program, new block or simply increase volume. Even week to week, we may feel the accumulation of the work we are doing. Ideally though, this soreness is more mild.

Some ways to combat this are to do some light stretching, making sure you are eating enough protein, carbs and fats at each meal, using a topical cream or gel (like icy hot or bio freeze), and not staying sedentary throughout the day. 

— Coach Hanna