Trainer Tip Tuesday: Waiter’s Carry and Suitcase Carry

Both of these carries are a great for working out your core, shoulder stability, grip strength, and legs.  They are an easy addition to the end of any workout if you are looking for something to work all of these places at once.

Suitcase Carry:

For the suitcase carry make sure your shoulder is locking in place and not hanging down, Keep the chest up, and avoid leaning as much as possible. Walk one length of the turf or around the fitness area, then switch hands and walk another length of turf or lap around the center.

Waiter’s Carry:

The waiter’s carry is much more difficult. For the waiters carry grip the kettlebell as if you were shaking someone’s hand. Keep your elbow close to your ear and your wrist locked straight. Walk slowly to ensure your arm stays in position. 

DISCLAIMER: Stay away from this if you don’t have the shoulder mobility to hold it overhead. If you aren’t sure, ask a member of the fitness team for some help.