Trainer Tip Tuesday: Front Foot Elevated Split Squats

Benefits: improves unilateral (single-leg) strength and stability, improves core stability

Target muscles: glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps

Equipment: 1x 25-45 lb. bumper plate (depending on desired depth), dumbbells for added load if desired

1. Place front foot on top of the plate
2. Take a large step backward
3. Adjust rear foot forward or backward until both legs are straight with no bend in the knees
4. Slowly lower rear leg until the knee is approximately 1-2 inches above the floor
5. Use the front leg to push off until you reach the split squat starting position
6. Repeat for the desired number of sets and repetitions

1. A slight forward lean emphasizes glute and hamstring activation while a more upright torso position emphasizes quad activation
2. Knee should not cross the front of toes in the bottom position, adjust rear leg to reach the desired positioning
3. Maintain a stable core throughout the movement