Tricep Pushdown Tips & Tricks

Coach Blake and Coach Annalise show the proper and improper techniques for tricep pushdowns. 

Follow the steps below the videos for the proper technique.


  1. Position the cable machine at a height above your head and attach a bar or rope attachment.
  2. Stand facing the cable with your feet hip width apart firmly grasping the bar or ropes in each hand. Flex arms at sides to a 90 degree angle and lean slightly forwards keeping your chest up.

The Action:

  1. While maintaining the setup position, with the elbows tucked at your sides and a slight lean forward press the bar/rope down towards the floor in a controlled manner.
  2. Press down until your arms are fully extended and pause at the bottom of each repetition for 1 second, do not allow elbows to be locked out when extending arms.
  3. Slowly return to starting position and bring arms back to a 90 degree angle. Repeat the movement maining the initial setup position.


  1. When using the rope attachment, pull the rope apart while pushing down at the bottom of each repetition for greater tricep activation.
  2. Focus on reducing excessive elbow movement when pressing down, this will help ensure proper form and technique.
  3. Try not to curl wrists at bottom of pushdown, this will help maintain tension on triceps throughout movement and reduce stress on wrists.