Trainer Tip Tuesday: Deadlift w/Trap Bar (Proper Form)

Importance of a Deadlift: Deadlifts are movements that focus on strengthening the posterior chain. It also demonstrates one of the biggest general functioning movements a person does: hinge. Here we have two videos that demonstrate the correct way and incorrect way to deadlift. 
Movement Set-up: 
Correct way:
With the trap bar in front of you, walk into the bar, stopping where your feet are in alignment with where the knurling is smooth (a thin line on the trap bar handles). Feet are shoulder-width apart, hinge so your butt pushes towards the wall behind you. Hands are placed on the handlebars; the middle finger is in line with the knurling. At this position, we can note Coach Tyler’s form. His whole foot is making contact with the floor, his back is strong, we can see the logo on his chest, and he is hinging at the hip. Once in this position, push away from the floor and through the whole foot. (You may wish to consider the cue, “hinge and snap”). 

Incorrect way:
The trap bar is in front of you, feet are not aligned with the smooth part of the knurling, hands are places to the very front of the handlebars, and the back is arched.