Trainer Tip Tuesday: Shoulder Activation with a PVC Pipe

Movement Purpose: These movements help to open up the chest muscles and shoulders. They activate and prime the body by increasing mobility and blood flow to the upper body. These movements help with posture, core work and strength, and recovery/activation.
Movements: PVC Pass, PVC Around the World, PVC Rack Fixer

PVC Pass: Take the PVC pipe and hold it horizontally, shoulder-width apart. Grip should be overhand, with palms facing the floor. To begin the movement, hold the PVC pipe at hip height. Keeping the back straight, progress through the movement by moving the PVC pipe so that it is above your head. Slowly increase how far back and extend. 

PVC Around the World: Start in the same position as PVC pass: pipe at hips, arms straight, hands in wide grip, glutes and core engaged. Actively pull on the PVC as if pulling it apart. Then, keeping arms straight, bring the left arm overhead and then down behind hips. Then, do the same with the right arm. Slowly return each arm to the front, one at a time.


PVC Rack Fixer: Start by kneeling on the floor and have the bench in front of you. Hold the PVC pipe shoulder-width apart with an underhand grip and your fingers are facing your face. Hinge at the hip, relax the head and neck between your arms. As you exhale, move your torso towards the ground.