Trainer Tip Tuesday: Shoulder Prehab Exercises

Here are 3 simple and easy band exercises to help with shoulder strength and stability. 
Banded Press and Stretch: Grab the band at shoulder width while your elbows are tucked and hands at chin height. Press the band overhead keeping the elbows tucked and stretching wide overhead and slightly back. Track the elbows back in on the way back down stopping at chin height. If you struggle to keep your elbows tucked, try decreasing the band difficulty.

Bradford Press: Grab a band with both hands keeping some tension on the band. Start just outside the shoulders keeping everything from your hands to your elbows facing forward. Slowly press the band up over your head and down to your shoulders. This motion should come from your back mainly with a little help from the shoulders. Wrists and elbows are not to rotate.

W-Press: Place the band behind your back. Grab the band with palms facing in front of you and keep your elbows tucked toward your sides. Slowly press the band straight out from your side or slightly in front. Keep your elbows tucked and in line with your wrists during this entire exercise.