Weekly Dietitian Tip: Choosing between Pure Cane Sugar and Turbinado Cane Sugar

Seeing a “Pure Cane Sugar” packet, and a “Sugar in the Raw, Turbinado Cane Sugar” packet can be confusing. They are different colored packets (white and brown), and it seems like there should be a difference between the two.  So is there?

Pure can sugar is more processed, meaning, the sugar is more refined. It has small, fine, uniform grains of sugar, and it is white in color.

Raw turbinado cane sugar is less processed, meaning, the sugar is less refined. It has larger, imperfect, crystal-like grains of sugar, and is light brown in color. The color comes from the molasses that doesn’t get processed out.

However, nutritionally they are the same. They each contribute 30 calories and 8 grams of sugar per 2 tsp. The difference in color and texture is simply from processing. The level of processing does not make one healthier or safer than the other.

So, when it comes to choosing, it’s simply a matter of preference.

~Kaylee Brown, CHFC Registered Dietitian

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