Trainer Tip Tuesday: Cuban Press

Cuban Press: Top of the line Shoulder Work

This is a difficult exercise to strengthen your upper back, rotator cuff, and chest muscles. Starting with a chest-supported motion on the bench keeping your spine in a neutral and straight line. Less than 10 pounds of weight per arm is recommended for this exercise

1) Pull your shoulders back and fully extend your arms down toward the group.

2) Pinching your shoulder blades together and end with your arms at a 90-degree angle with weights still pointing to the ground

3) Keeping your shoulder blades pinched and arms at a strong 90-degree angle, externally rotate your arms up so that your forearms are in line with your back and still at a 90-degree angle.

4) Press arms overhead and fully extend them. Keep your arms from lowering down to the ground and staying in line with your back and body angle.

5) Retract arms in the exact same segments as the press portion going up. From full extension lower to 90 degrees, rotate while staying at 90 degrees and weights face the ground. Lastly, extend arms down toward the ground and start over. Rep ranges should be between 5-10 per set.