Weekly Dietitian Tip: Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving tips:

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, consider these tips to keep the holiday a healthy one!  

  1. Eat breakfast. As a Dietitian I don’t recommend not eating until the big meal to “save all your calories”. Typically, not eating all day leads to overeating later, and consuming more total calories than you would have had by including regular, balanced meals.  
  1. Use caution when having eyes bigger than your stomach. Try not to get overly excited when it comes time to serve up your thanksgiving plate. Use smaller portions than you typically would as you will have extra high-calorie foods to include. You can always go back for more if you find yourself still hungry, and you will most likely have leftovers to enjoy in the coming days as well!  

Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy the holiday while still staying on track with your health goals.  

~Kaylee Brown, CHFC Registered Dietitian