Trainer Tip Tuesday: Supersetting

Trainer Tip by: Coach Michael

Supersetting is when you rotate between 2 or more exercises. For example, if my superset was with squats, jumping jacks, and pushups, I would do one set of each before moving on to set 2 of each. Here are a few types of supersets you could do:

  • Push/Pull
  • Upper/Lower
  • Vertical/Horizontal push and pull
  • Strength/HIIT
  • Eccentric/Fast-Paced
  • Reps/Time

Using a superset is a good way to change up your workout, keep your heart rate high while changing the muscle group used, contrast train, and efficiently finish your workout.

*Be courteous of which machines/exercises you superset. There are a few machines that a lot of people like to use, so try to find a different way to exercise those muscle groups.*