Trainer Tip Tuesday: Track Your Workout

Trainer Tip by: Coach Michael

Tracking your workouts is a great way to see your progress and continue to push yourself. Using the MYWellness app or MYWellness Key will track everything for you, so be sure to utilize this feature. Using a notebook, excel spreadsheet, or app on your phone (MYWellness) will make access to your workout history easy to find as well as provide built-in motivation. Seeing that you are doing 10 lbs more on a certain exercise now than you did 4 weeks ago shows that your progress is happening even when you can’t see it all the time. This goes for strength, cardio, flexibility, and any other style of exercise.

Make sure to include a note about how the exercise felt. For example last week I did the leg extension at 50 pounds and wrote that it was “feeling easy.” This week I will do the same exercise at 55 pounds. Not only does keep you consistent, but also gives you a chance to increase and continue to reach your goals.