From the Wellness Spa – What’s Your Skin Type

Finding Your Skin Type

There are five different skin types: oily, dry, normal, combination and sensitive. By understanding what type of skin you have, you can begin to make informed decisions, giving your skin the proper care and protection it needs now and for years to come.

Oily Skin:

Produces an excess of sebum (oil) that causes the skin to appear shiny and feel greasy.

Dry Skin:

Dull and may become rough, flaky or even scaly. Often feels tight and may be prone to show more wrinkles.

Normal Skin:

Is balanced – feeling neither dry nor oily. Is not prone to breakouts, flakiness, or feeling slick or tight.

Combination Skin:

Includes areas that are dry and oily

Sensitive Skin:

May be red, feels itching, burning, or dry. Is more vulnerable and may be triggered by certain ingredients.

** If you are interested in finding out your skin type, please schedule a time with Jenna on Thursday, July 7th for a FREE 15-minute Skin Type Consultation at our Member Service Desk.