From the Wellness Team: Wellness Wednesday Dietitian Tip – Health Food Aisle

Don’t Let the Health Food Aisle Fool You

January is usually the time that healthy eating is on everyone’s mind which could lead you to check out the health aisle of the grocery store. Here are some things to look out for when shopping in the health food aisle: Be mindful of the numerous health claims on labels, many of these phrases, such as “all natural,” are used as marketing and are not reflective of the foods nutritional content. If you are choosing low-fat options, look at the sugar and salt content in a serving. In many low-fat foods, sugar or salt is added to increase the taste, which can lead to the food item being just as many calories as the full fat version. Lastly, don’t confuse multigrain with whole grain. A multigrain product can be low in fiber, which may oppose your reasoning for choosing the product. Make sure to read nutrition labels to understand the nutrients in a product.