Wellness Wednesday – Trainer Tip – 8 Dimensions of Wellness

How to Balance Your Wellness

Physical Wellness
Physical wellness encompasses a variety of healthy behaviors that are meant to contribute to your optimal health. This involves activities like moving/exercising, eating well balanced meals, getting adequate amounts of sleep and managing stress.

Emotional Wellness
Emotional wellness includes your thoughts, emotions and ability to deal with life’s challenges. Maintaining a healthy emotional life is important to overall health. Examples to stay emotionally healthy are managing your stress levels, staying on top of tasks, engaging in recreational activities, listening to music and playing with your pet.

Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual wellness involves understanding your beliefs, values and ethics that help find meaning and purpose in your life. This can include things like meditation, moments of reflection, or spending time with nature. Maintaining a curious attitude can help you find experiences that offer hope, purpose and meaning.

Social Wellness
Social wellness involves having a positive social network which can give you support and guidance. Examples can include things like joining a club or organization, setting healthy boundaries, going to lunch with friends, being genuine/authentic with others, treating others respectfully and practicing effective communication skills.

Occupational Wellness
Occupational wellness includes seeking a career that is interesting, enjoyable, meaningful and that contributes to you and society. Signs of occupational wellness can be doing work that you find interesting, effectively balancing leisure with work and feeling inspired and challenged in your work place.

Intellectual Wellness
Intellectual wellness means staying curious and engaged in learning new things. Engage in creative activities. Examples can include but are not limited to things like reading for pleasure (books, magazines, articles), being aware of social and political issues, practicing problem solving and exposing yourself to new ideas and beliefs that are different from your own.

Financial Wellness
Financial wellness means taking steps to live within your financial means and managing your money for today and the future. You can do this by planning financially, establishing a personal budget, building good credit and not letting money be the driving force of your life.

Environmental Wellness
Environmental wellness means taking care of your global environment and personal surroundings. This can include things like recycling your trash, volunteering to clean up your neighborhood, limiting pollution and finding ways to conserve energy.