From the Wellness Team: Wellness Wednesday Trainer Tip – Exercising with injury

Staying on top of your exercise goals while sidelined with injury

Most of us have experienced or will experience some form of injury, whether that injury is minor nagging pain caused from exercise or a major injury that sidelines us from the gym. Either way, having an injury is never ideal, especially when it pulls you away from your goals in the gym. One tip on dealing with an injury is to control what you can control. Take this as a time to train other areas and weaknesses that will not affect the injured area. For instance, if you have a hurt knee, focus on more upper body and core exercises. Another tip is stay positive throughout the healing period. Injuries can affect your mental state just as much as the physical, in order to stay positive, repeat positive words of affirmation and inspiring quotes. Lastly, if your injury is minor, take a deeper look at what could be causing it. For example, most low back injuries are not caused by an injury in low back, but rather a weakness in core muscles. Or sometimes a knee injury may not be at sight a pain, but rather a weakness at the ankle or hip. Take the time to build back strength around the affected area to come back stronger than before!