From the Wellness Team: Wellness Wednesday Trainer Tip – Get More Out Of Your Workout

How to get more out of your workout – without adding reps or weight

As you are doing your workout on one of the machines here at CHFC, pay attention to the ROM indicator attached to the machine. You will notice as you start to do the lower portion of the rep, there is an indicator on the machine going down as you lower the rep. This indicator is slower than what you may typically lay the weight down. If you follow the indicator on the machine, it will have you doing a slower eccentric portion of the lift. The machine indicates about a 3 second eccentric. The eccentric portion of the lift is the downward portion of the lift, where the muscle lengthens. By incorporating slow eccentrics, you will notice the rep is harder. Consistently doing slow (about 3 second) eccentrics is a scientifically proven way to better improve strength vs 1 second eccentrics.

— Coach Blaise