From the Wellness Team: Wellness Wednesday Trainer Tip – Bone Health

Strength Training – Not Just for Building Muscle!

An estimated 8 million women and 2 million men in the United States have osteoporosis, which is responsible for more than 2 million fractures each year. The most common causes of bone density loss are age related changes, inadequate nutrition, and inactivity. After age 40, the rate at which bone density decreases is 1% per year. So, how can we protect our bones and slow the rate of bone density loss? One way is with strength training! Research shows strength training can slow bone loss and even build bone. When your bones are subjected to the stress of resistance training and weight bearing exercises, your body breaks down old bone tissue and stimulates the production of new tissue. This process makes your bones stronger by increasing the density. If you need an extra push to create and stick to a strength training program, we offer personal training!

Learn more about bone health and osteoporosis here.

— Coach Carlee