From the Wellness Team: Wellness Wednesday Nutrition Tip – Back-To-School Breakfast

Fuel your kiddos for the school day!

The first few weeks of “back-to-school” can be a busy time for families with students. Getting out the door can be quite the hassle! These crazy mornings can make us forget things, including eating a healthy breakfast. A balanced breakfast can be the key for your kiddos to have great focus and success throughout each school day. Here are a few tips for simple breakfast options that kids will enjoy to fuel their day:

1) Try whole grain toast and nut butter. Add on fruit to keep your kiddo full.

2) Keep greek yogurt cups on hand. Each kid can decide whether they want to dress it up or keep it simple.

3) Make your own breakfast or granola bar. Many of the store-bought brands have snuck in added sugar which will not help your kiddo with their school-day focus.

4) Make a few hard-boiled eggs to have on hand. These are full of protein and easy for a kid to grab.

5) Create a variety of pre-made bags of frozen smoothie ingredients. If your child is old enough, they can place the frozen ingredients in the blender and will just have to add milk or yogurt.